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About us

Our company – PLTS Ipari Kft. (PLTS Industrial Ltd.) has been founded in 2015 as a family company. We still work as a small company with a significant increase of the business year by year.

The dynamic growth of our company is based on our  flexible and correct business policy. As we are a small company we can react quickly to the changing market demands. We continuously expand our range of products according to the customer needs. We always keep our operational costs as low as possible, that is why we do not keep a high value of inventory, the products can be delivered directly to the customer from our suppliers as soon as possible.

Our main products are the BERND SIEGMUND welding and clamping tables from Germany and GEISMAR  railway and overhead-laying cables construction products from France.  Our range also includes the SOGEMA wheel press and wheel lathe products, AUSTROROLL roller devices, RE-TECH tamping tools, NIGHTSEARCHER industrial and emergency lights and GELBER-BIEGER bending devices and tools.

We are certified according to MSZ EN ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems since 2006.

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